Leadsster FAQs

How do I track results from my Leadsster campaigns?
Leadsster offers a proprietary CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform created specifically for your business.

In your Leadsster CRM, you’ll be able to access everything that’s going on in your campaigns.

Contacts that we’ve successfully connected with:

  • Prospect’s Name
  • Date imported into the CRM
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number (if present)
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Company Website (if present)
  • Prospect’s Job Title
  • Prospect’s Company Name
  • Prospect’s Location

Sales Pipeline:

  • You’ll have the ability to manually add new warm leads into our sales pipeline directly in our CRM.
  • Take prospects from the proposal stage and drag-and-drop all the way to the closed deals column.
  • Manage prospects without having to go through the difficulty of scouting through each of their LinkedIn profiles.

Month-to-month Metrics:

  • Sent LinkedIn Connection Requests
  • Accepted LinkedIn Connection Requests
  • % of Connected from Each Campaign
  • # of Replies to Connection Messages
  • # of Replies to Follow-up Messages
  • Notes from Leadsster
How often can I make changes to my Leadsster campaigns?
You can request changes once per month but if your campaigns are not performing well then Leadsster will make sure to adjust targeting and messaging to ensure success.

Please notify your account manager if you think your Leadsster campaigns are not performing well.

Does Leadsster respond to prospects for me?

We’ve found clients are the best at handling responses and nurturing leads.

How do I make changes to Leadsster’s targeting filters?
Recommend changes to Leadsster by going to LinkedIn > Sales Navigator > Advanced Search > and play around with filters.

For advanced help, reach out to your account manager and we’ll help you make changes to targeting.

*Limit once per month

How do I make changes to Leadsster’s sales copy?
Recommend edits to each message inside your shared Leadsster Client shared Google Doc.

For advanced help, reach out to your account manager and we’ll strengthen your copy.

*Limit once per month.

How long does it take to launch my first Leadsster campaign?
Leadsster can get you launched within 5 business days from the onboarding call taking place.

*The process can sometimes take a bit longer depending on your campaign.

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