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Laser-Targeted Paid Ads That Drive High Quality Traffic Into Your Funnel

What Is Paid Advertising & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay-Per-Click or "PPC " is the approach of running ad campaigns on a budget set by the business. Paid advertising differs on every platform, so don't think, "Hey, I'll run some Facebook Ads here and some Google Ads there". No!

You want to make sure first of all, that you have a clear understanding of how paid advertising works. Many businesses will just throw a monthly budget into a campaign and let it run and pray to get good results out of it. Then they come back and blame the platform for not producing the results that they expected in the first place.

Get a grip on the main goal of running paid advertising in the first place. If you have a promotion going on and you'd like to target different audiences of people, Facebook Ads would be a good place to take your prospects down the customer journey.

What Digital Channels Can I Advertise On?

This all depends on your business and the nature of it's industry. All platforms aren't the same and shouldn't all be utilized if not necessary. For example, if you're a home service business that needs to capture the leads right away, you'd be more likely to be more focused on Google Ads than Facebook Ads. Why? Because Google Ads are used with search-intent keywords. When someone searches for a keyword and clicks on your ad, that's what we pay for.

If you were an e-commerce brand selling clothing, Facebook Ads would be more likely best for you over something like Google Ads (unless we're talking about Google Shopping Ads, but I'll talk about that later). Facebook Ads gives us the opportunity to target by pre-defined audiences that are on Facebook.

So it's honestly all about where your prospects hang out. Think about this like any other brick-and-mortar business.

Do I Need To Run Paid Ads For My Business?

You don't specifically NEED to run paid ads for your business. Running paid ads allows your business to scale with the marketing budget you have available. If you've reached the capacity of acquiring leads through organic methods aside from SEO, you probably want to begin to test running paid ads for your business.

Now That I Know What PPC is, How Can You Help Me?

Did you know that on average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page?

This statistic here should outline the importance of executing an effective paid ads strategy before it gets too late.

Now That I Know What PPC is, How Can You Help Me?

Did you know that on average, 41% of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads on the search results page?

This statistic here should outline the importance of executing an effective paid ads strategy before it gets too late.

Facebook Ads

Leadsster can manage all of your Facebook Ads from our dashboard. From identifying audiences, building LLA audiences, all the way to crafting the ad creative and testing the campaign, we manage everything so you can be completely hands-off.

Google Ads

Leadsster identifies the keywords that are being searched by your ideal prospects, and then uses them to build out our Google Ad campaigns. Google Ads offers high search-intent traffic, so if your business needs to offer something that people are looking for, Google Ads is the way to go.

Ad Strategy

We'll build out your entire ad strategy from the ground up. This starts with analyzing competition, performing market research, and then planning out a strategy that will put your offer in front of your prospect's faces in no time.

A/B Testing

We continuously A/B test your campaigns to make sure everything is performing well. If we take notice that something isn't working or needs to be changed, we can test new changes and see what works best for your business.

Competitor & Keyword Analysis

We'll analyze what your competition is currently doing such as the keywords that they're bidding on, their ad creatives, offers, and so on. We then use this data to create tests in your ad campaigns to see what works best and optimize for the best results possible.

Audience Identification

We identify your audiences for you so you don't have to. Most ads are ineffective and expensive due to the audiences not being defined. We strive to drive in the most quality and qualified traffic and give these audiences exactly what they're looking for.

Ad Budget Optimization

Let us help cut your advertising spend, now. When running paid ads, one of the biggest problems businesses face is paying too much. There's a reason for this. If your ad isn't delivering to the correct audiences, if your offer is inconsistent, if your page load speed is slow, this can all affect what you pay to run your ads.

Ad Creative Design

We're not graphic designers, but... we do a great job at crafting ad creatives that convert your prospects into sales, signups, and more. We make sure the creatives feature call-to-actions and effective sales copy that converts the leads that we target into buyers.

Get Your Customized PPC Strategy

Become the search result that your prospects are looking for.

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New appointments, no problem. My calendar is full every time I look at it. Thanks guys!

- Brittany, Agency Owner

Not only do I get clients from Leadsster, I'm actually networking with good people. Overall, increasing referral traffic to my website as well.

- Kevin, Consultant

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