Sales Hacking 101: Using LinkedIn for Effective B2B Lead Generation

Did you know that 80% of B2B leads come from Linkedln?

This is only one of the solid reasons why its so important to incorporate this platform into your lead generation strategy.

There are dozens of reasons why using LinkedIn to your advantage is an extremely effective strategy but I’ll stick to some of the most important reasons why it’s the number one platform for lead generation that exists.

LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation

1. Using LinkedIn for lead generation is valuable because you’re creating a conversation and actually offering assistance to your prospects.


When prospects receive cold emails and phone calls, there is a high chance of them being ignored or even worse, automatically be sent to the spam folder.

I’d advise to avoid cold emails and cold calling like the plague.

Imagine you’re a business owner in a specific niche.

Most of them receive messages like the one below every single day.

Their email inboxes are being flooded with useless information and sometimes need to change their addresses to combat spam.

Spam Emails

You see, the difference about using LinkedIn for lead generation is that you initially “connect” with your prospect.

Think about LinkedIn like this…

Imagine visiting a networking event and having conversations with attendees, all while handing out a business card.

Effective, right?

2. LinkedIn gives you the ability to send lead magnets and drive the prospect down into your sales funnel.


With LinkedIn, you’re able to personally send lead magnets such as articles, blog posts, useful tools, and anything else beneficial to the prospect.

Rather than get a spammy email with useless information about you and your business, the prospect is treated like a friend instead.

This is the primary reason why using LinkedIn is super effective for lead generation.

We’re not generating “cold leads”. Instead, we’re generating “warm leads” then consistently nurturing them to become even warmer.

Cold Leads vs Warm Leads

3. LinkedIn offers a CRM like platform called Sales Navigator for creating your prospect lists.


Sales Navigator makes it efficient to scout for leads sort of like a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform gives you the ability to create prospect lists to connect and personally reach out to.

Doing this gives allows you to segment your lists into different categories.

Say that your business offers web design services right?

Using Sales Navigator allows you to save a list for “Law Firms” and another for “Accounting Firms” for example.

Now when you’re ready to build new clientele, you’ll already have the lists that you want to reach out to.

4. LinkedIn is an all around social network built specifically for professionals and businesses.


61 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions.

This should give you enough of an idea as to why this platform is so effective.

LinkedIn gives you the ability to personally reach out to key decision makers at basically any business on the platform that have a LinkedIn account.

And trust me… most do.

LinkedIn Decision Makers

Think about it like this…

Most of these business owners either 1) already have a LinkedIn account or 2) have been interested in creating one.

Regardless, there’s millions and millions of prospects out there that make decisions at small to large organizations.

LinkedIn also gives you the option to create Groups to invite your prospects to. This puts you in the driver’s seat as the industry leader.

Think about it like this…

If you were to own a marketing company focused on landscapers and created a LinkedIn group for landscaping business owners, you can offer marketing tips to landscapers all while selling your services at the same time.

Effective strategy, right?

This puts you in control of your prospects and make them love you, not just your business.

Got that?

The idea is to find a community that has a problem, and then sell them a solution to that problem.

With LinkedIn, you’re able to do just that… Build a community around a niche with a specific problem.

5. You can automate your outreach process by putting your sales strategy into overdrive, 24/7.


I’ll just go ahead and explain why this is the most effective strategy that I’ve ever came across in sales history.

Imagine having the ability to send out a chain over 2,000 personal messages to key decision makers in your niche or industry…

Leadsster is able to do just that for you and your business.

Leadsster is one of the top lead generation companies focused on LinkedIn marketing & sales outreach.

It’s time to shift your sales outreach process into overdrive, 24/7.

This means that you’ll have a personal sales assistant working for you, all the time.

Instead of playing around with tools and wasting time while you can be growing your business, we take care of every asset for you.

Imagine the responses and emails you’ll be getting every single day.

The first time we used this strategy, it sort of scared us how many leads we were able to get with minimal effort.

And you get this all while doing nothing but running your business.

I mean… just look at the results from one campaign over a couple of days.

Pay attention to the warm responses as well as the increase in profile views.

Most of these responses were extremely warm and were basically ready to buy what we were offering.

Leadsster Proof

Cody, that’s impressive and all, but how can I make this happen?

We’ve developed a system that has worked for more than one of our agencies, and the system always works.

Whether you offer consulting services to personal training, this system works for any service-based business out there.

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How can Leadsster help?


👉 Leadsster Builds Your Prospect List for You


Leadsster builds you laser targeted lists using Sales Navigator for prospect outreach to ensure you’re reaching out to the right people.

Leadsster then creates lists for each and every one of your ideal lists for outreach.

We’re also able to target segmented lists and send specific messages for one industry and others to another.

👉 Leadsster Optimizes Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Exposure


Writing sales copy is frustrating as is…

This is something that Leadsster takes care of for you.

We write out your entire LinkedIn profile and optimize it for maximum profile exposure.

You see, the thing is…

LinkedIn search works in the same way as a Google search works.

When searching for a specific keyword, LinkedIn users come across you by the material listed on your profile.

Leadsster builds you a personalized LinkedIn profile banner along with writing the copy for the rest of the profile.

Optimized LinkedIn Profile

👉 Leadsster Writes Clear Sales Copy for Your Brand


Leadsster provides your entire brand message, as clear as day in personalized messages.

We analyze award winning copy that we’ve used for other clients.

This means we’re able to optimize future campaigns so you’ll never be sending messages that are being ignored.

Rather than selling directly in our LinkedIn messages, we’re creating rapport with the prospect.

What does this mean?

Take a look at a traditional sales funnel and compare to the Leadsster approach.

Account Based Marketing Sales Funnel

We create a personal approach with our prospects initially.

We’re then able to approach them with our offer using lead magnets and driving them down into the rest of our sales funnel.

👉 Leadsster Creates Automated Drip Message Sequence Campaigns


Here’s where the superpowers come in…

We initially craft our connection request message. This is what the prospect first sees when receiving the request.

This is where they would decide if they want to connect with you or not.

Leadsster then crafts a series of messages so that your prospect never gets lost in your sales cycle.

Your prospects will receive a consecutive amount of messages, straight to their devices that are using LinkedIn.

This can be a series of one message to 6 messages, depending on your Leadsster plan.

Leadsster then sends the outreach messages until the prospect responds with a Yes or a No response.

These messages are sent throughout the day, 24/7.

LinkedIn Message Sequence

What does this mean for you?

Less sales work on your end.

Your only job is to secure the presentation and close the sale.

👉 Leadsster Sends Leads Directly to Your CRM or Email Address


Leadsster notifies you with all new leads that messaged back on LinkedIn.

Whether a prospect has accepted your connection request OR if they have responded to any of our campaign messages, you’ll be receiving all notifications wherever you want them to go.

Imagine the possibilities…

Each time a new prospect connects with you, Leadsster sends their personal contact information (email address, phone number, etc.) directly to your CRM of choice.

If you don’t have a CRM, we’re able to send the new connections to a Google Sheet or directly to your email address.

You’re then able to message back any of the prospects that have connected with you.

Along with this, you can then integrate the email addresses and phone numbers into the rest of your outreach campaign.

By the time Leadsster has sent the prospect a couple of messages and they’re familiar with you, they’ll know exactly who the emails are coming from rather than taking the cold approach.

We’re able to obtain all email addresses from leads that have connected with you on LinkedIn. Imagine supercharging your outreach strategy by sending LinkedIn messages + emails together.

👉 Leadsster Eliminates the Hassle of Being Labeled as Spam + More


There’s no more need to come off as spammy when sending outreach messages.

Business owners and decision makers get dozens of sales emails and phone calls every single day.

Instead, Leadsster takes a personal approach when sending messages to key decision makers.

What does this mean? You can now say goodbye to:

  • Cold Calling
  • Cold Emails
  • Hiring Sales Assistants
  • Wasting Marketing Budget on Paid Ads

Whether you like it or not, LinkedIn is the most effective platform for generating business leads (regardless of your industry).

Using LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless for your sales outreach campaigns.

Leadsster has affordable pricing for any sized business.

If you want to supercharge your lead generation strategy, request a FREE Leadsster Consultation.

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